Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sunday 5/16/2010

Today we are leaving a Passport Pk, The Timber Campground in illinois. Won't come here again. Only $15 but not sewage, no cable, and no WiFi. It was so nice to have April and Larry around to play Pegs and Jokers with. They won three games straight!

I made mac and cheese for supper, tasted good. Today we are off to Iowa where we will spend a couple of days as there are things to see in the area.

BUT, before we were able to leave Larry's motorhome sunk in the ground, as the ground was soaked from the previous rains. So the campground sent a tractor down to pull him out. That didn't work so they brought another one down, , not big enough to do the job. Don't worry they say, "we have one that will do it for you.", yea right, famous last words. No dice. Next down the road comes a monster tractor and made short work of pulling him out. No strain, no pain. A round of applause followed.

Monday May 17, 2010 10:30 AM

We are off to Cutty's Des Moines Campground .No cable, but they have WiFi, yea. I need an Internet fix.
The landscape is pleasing to the eye as we drive along. Each side of the road a large farmlands, a few having some crops in already. I love the sights of old barns, new barns close by, and the gentle hills we are traveling on. We pass over the Mississippi River, I believe that means we are out West now.
We have a CB in the motorhome and find it both informative and entertainment. We often chat with the truckers as we go along. Today there were 2 trucker traveling together and asked Bob if he wanted to trade our motorhome for his trick. But told him"not in this lifetime". Next the trucker said "how about two trucks for the motorhome". A little later a flatbed passed us with a stack of metal plates on it. We asked the driver how much weight he was carrying, 45 thousand pounds. These plates and 3 more loads the same as this one were going to be used to build a wind tower. Interesting.

Bought diesel today 35 gallons equals $106.30

Arrived 3;20 Pm $27.50 for two nights with Passport America.

Tuesday May 18, 2010

Still at Cutty's today. Nice looking park and very clean, still no TV or Internet, very sad. Went to Wally world this morning to stock up on supplies. Bought some bright placemat to liven up the place. The weather is in the eighty's and sunny. I made some mac salad for tomorrow. Nothing exciting going on .

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