Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy day today starting off with a trip to Lakeland, FL., whick took most of the day. We went for a late luch at 3 and had to be at the church Bingo at 4:30 to sell tickets at 5.

Yesterday we attended the park weekly meeting and then went to another meeting to plan a retirement party for the parks managers. They will be retiring the end of June. Lots of good ideas were put forth and will be followed up with next Thursday. At three Bob ran a table tennis group and I went to volleyball. April and Larry sent us over a pot of homemade vegtable soup. Very good. In the evening we went to a hypnotist show, pretty funny. The guy was good. Lots of laughs. Art McPhee mom passed away yesterday, she was over 100.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Bob

Wow, 75 years old! Holy crap and I haver been with him since we met in 1954, thats 57 years I have know and loved Bob. He was 18 and I was one day short of being 16 when we met.
Last night we went out to dinner with Art & Ginny then went to April and Larry's to have cake and ice cream with them and Marla & Don and Oney and Marion. Today Bob is golfing and we are going to dinner at Marla's tonight with a few more friends. We are blessed . Shawn sent Bob a great gift, one that he had wanted for a while, a golf buddy. He is so happy with it. Shawn gave him a card saying he was trying every day to be the father that Bob had ben to him, what a high honor this is to Bob, I think a son coul pay to his father.
Marianne called him as well as Reannan, Brandi, Shawn's x and a friend of Amy's, Lindsay texted him. Of course nothing from Amy. She can be very hurtful. Bob has always treated her well and we have accepted her daughterRe as our own. I guess this dows not matter to her. Enough of this talk!
We have a lot of things going on in the next few weeks, going to a couple of shows locally to see a hypnotist, and a dinner threatre. Got to go now and get something done before Bob gets home. LOL

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This and That Truly

Thursday 1- 13-2011
Up early this morning and went to our weekly meeting at the club house, where we learn of all the folling weeks activities.
After the meeting we did a few errands and in the afternoon I went to chair volleyball, which is very funny even to watch or play and Bob went Table Tennis which he is chairman. Had a quite night at home and watch my favorite tv shows at night. Friday we went to a Sale at a large RV resort in our town. Walked a lot and worked up a appitite, so we went to lunch and had breakfast. Yum!
In the evening went to Bingo at St. Rita's as we volunteer to sell tickets every other Friday night. Saturday morning Bob went golfing before I am even out of bed, love it! Went to church at 4:30, then went to dinner , where we met up with some friends Joan & Hank. From there we hurried home as we had Art & Ginny andd April & Larry coming over to play cards. Sunday, again Bob went golfing, the weather is warmer today than it has been for over a week. I have trouble believing in Global Warming. A laid back kind of day. Watched the Pats game now. They are not doing well. We need Dunkin Donuts to get through this!! So long for now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kenz's Birthday Today

In case some of you may have forgotten, but we had our first grandchild born two years ago today, after 51 years off marrigae You can just imagine our joy. She is just perfect, really, I know you think I am just saying that, but hell, we waited a long time! We don't get to see her very often as they live in another state. I've tried to get my son to add Skype to his computyer so we can see how she is growing and she could become to know us. In case you are not familar with Skype, it is a free service for video calling on your computer between users. Ioften see friends in MA. and LA. using Skype. It is a great tool for families that are apart.

We sent our birthday girl a package for her birthday, but doubt that her mother will let us know it was delivered, as she has no manners. Do I sound annoyed?
Our son will let us know. Since Kenz was born we have been collecting $1.00 's that have a large K on them . It is a easy way to save and she now has over $1000 which she will be given when. she turns 18.

This has been a busy week for us. It seems we are always coming and going from the house. Monday we had volunteered to help with the monthly breakfast at the clubhouse, in the afternoon we went to a movie with friends, and out to dinner afterwards. At night I run a cribbage night every Monday night.
Tuesday didn't get much better. We pick up a few prescriptions ,ran to the Post Office and Bob had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. He has a Basal Cell Carcinoma on his cheek and will have surgery Feb. 7th to remove it. At night we had two couples in to play cards. Let's see, today is Wednesday. This moring Steven called us on Skype to show us all the snow they are getting. Good luck to them and the Redc Soxs. A real noreaster! I used to like them years ago, no work, no school, most business close, everyone home. Put a log in the fireplace, make some hot chocolate and call it a snow day. Fun for all. After hearing about the snow in Ma., we thought about have a sympathy snow day for them. Kick back in our jammies, sip coffee, fun for a while, last about 5 hours.
Felt housebound, haha. Hugs