Saturday, March 27, 2010

Odds And Ends

Well here I am again, Can't believe two weeks have been gone by again. This will be a this and that entry.

We are still in Florida, and Spring is finally here. Some people are leaving wanting to be home for Easter.
The weather is awesome, as it should have been two months ago. We are staying until the end of April sometime. Our young friend Carolyn, is like a grand-daughter to us, will be coming to see us on April 12 for her school break. She is twelve and we are making plans to where to take. Of course Disney is first on the list, as she has never been there. We will enjoy her visit.

It has been a cold winter here this year. Orange and strawberry crops have weathered badly. Sea mammals like the manatee needed rescuing, along with sea turtles. The fishermen have also had a rough season. The water is still at 60 degrees, they are hoping now that the temp has warmed up to the 80's, the water will also.. The unemployed is still a major problem here in Florida. There was a ad in the paper last week looking for 200 construction workers, over 5000 applied. Pretty sad ,now that we snowbirds
are leaving, there will be more layoffs.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday and Monday

Yesterday we had a warm and sunny day for a park sponsored pool party. It was a lot of fun, especially playing volleyball in the pool.

Today was another great weather day. We even took out the golf cart for a ride around the park. It was good to see more people out in their yards or just taking a walk. tonight we went to play cribbage. I run this every Monday night. Good group of faithful players, none taking the game to serious. Gosh it feels good to be back blogging. Love to all.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun Day

Today was Fun Day at the park. It started of with a golf cart parade and then a pet parade. Then after these we had all sorts of games to play and win a prize. I was the Sheriff and had three deputes, who arrested any one who was not wearing a "Get Out of Jail" card. ( This earned $292.00 for activities.) Inside the club house there was bidding on a silent auction, a cake walk, raffles on a 50-50, and lunch. The total raised for the day is estimated to be around $2,000 profit. Bob volunteered
to work in the kitchen for lunch. We got home just in time to go to church, so Bob can go golfing in the morning with the guys. After church several of us went for pizza. I don't mind telling you, we were glad to be home tonight. Hope you all have a good week-end.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday March 4, 2010


So sorry for not making a entry for such a long time. This has not been our best winter as far as being sick. When I was sick, Bob was fine and then vice versa. All is well now. Yesterday we had our last doctors visit until the Fall. We are now making our summer travel plans. It should be fun. This summer we will not be traveling alone. Two other couples will be joining us to visit out west, including Washington State and Oregon, the last two states that we haven't visited before. Ginny and Art and April and Larry, are our friends that will be coming along. More on this later.

My grand-daughter Ken recently celebrated her 1st birthday. She is just a darling.

Now a little news about what we have been doing here in the park. We have both been involved in the annual Follies show , Bob golfs two days a week, I have been sewing after years of not touching a machine and this Saturday it is Fun Day here in the park. I will be the Sherriff and be arresting anyone who is not wearing a Get Out Of Jail Free card. I have three deputies working with me, April, Bunny, and Lorna. It is a day of fun and a way to raise money for activities. There will be plenty of games to play, pet parade, luncheon, a silent action and a cake walk.

This morning we went to the weekly coffee hour. This as where we all can volunteer to help with different projects, share ideas, have coffee and a donuts and just generally here about what's going on, which is always a lot. Today's schedules include :
8 AM Polar Bear Water
9AM Coffee Hour
10 AM Activity Meeting
10:30 Water Aerobics
11 AM Bible Study
1 PM Shuffle Board
1 PM Horseshoes
3 PM Chair Volleyball
3 PM Table Tennis
7 PM Games and Cards Night