Saturday, May 8, 2010

On The Road Again

Geez, it felt good writing the title "On The Road Again". Well, hear's the scoup.

In all out travel all around this beautiful country , we have yet to see Washinton State and Oregon or the Redwoods in California.

Today we left Florida and it's intense heat and humidity. Tonight we are in Arabi, GA. Cost for the site was $25, which includes full hook up, cable and WiFi. Tomorrow we will be stopping for diesel, I'll let you know the price later. Tonight we have our windows open for the first time in three weeks, feels good.

Our plans this summer are varied, We plan on re-visiting place we have been before leading to areas we have never seen. This year we will be traveling with another couple, which should be fun. We are planning on meeting up with them on the 15th of this month in Indiana. But, BIG But, before we meet up with they we are going to see our grandbaby, she is seventeen months now, and we haven't seen her for 6 months.

I guess that's enough for a new entry. We are traveling faster than normal as time is short for our meeting. Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow.

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Jan said...

Now you've got that tune singing in my head ,was it Willy Nelson ,'On The Road Again'? ..have a good trip and pictures please when you see your Grandchild Jan xx