Sunday, January 16, 2011

This and That Truly

Thursday 1- 13-2011
Up early this morning and went to our weekly meeting at the club house, where we learn of all the folling weeks activities.
After the meeting we did a few errands and in the afternoon I went to chair volleyball, which is very funny even to watch or play and Bob went Table Tennis which he is chairman. Had a quite night at home and watch my favorite tv shows at night. Friday we went to a Sale at a large RV resort in our town. Walked a lot and worked up a appitite, so we went to lunch and had breakfast. Yum!
In the evening went to Bingo at St. Rita's as we volunteer to sell tickets every other Friday night. Saturday morning Bob went golfing before I am even out of bed, love it! Went to church at 4:30, then went to dinner , where we met up with some friends Joan & Hank. From there we hurried home as we had Art & Ginny andd April & Larry coming over to play cards. Sunday, again Bob went golfing, the weather is warmer today than it has been for over a week. I have trouble believing in Global Warming. A laid back kind of day. Watched the Pats game now. They are not doing well. We need Dunkin Donuts to get through this!! So long for now.

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