Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Bob

Wow, 75 years old! Holy crap and I haver been with him since we met in 1954, thats 57 years I have know and loved Bob. He was 18 and I was one day short of being 16 when we met.
Last night we went out to dinner with Art & Ginny then went to April and Larry's to have cake and ice cream with them and Marla & Don and Oney and Marion. Today Bob is golfing and we are going to dinner at Marla's tonight with a few more friends. We are blessed . Shawn sent Bob a great gift, one that he had wanted for a while, a golf buddy. He is so happy with it. Shawn gave him a card saying he was trying every day to be the father that Bob had ben to him, what a high honor this is to Bob, I think a son coul pay to his father.
Marianne called him as well as Reannan, Brandi, Shawn's x and a friend of Amy's, Lindsay texted him. Of course nothing from Amy. She can be very hurtful. Bob has always treated her well and we have accepted her daughterRe as our own. I guess this dows not matter to her. Enough of this talk!
We have a lot of things going on in the next few weeks, going to a couple of shows locally to see a hypnotist, and a dinner threatre. Got to go now and get something done before Bob gets home. LOL

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