Saturday, January 31, 2009

End of the month

Wow, It's been a busy month. We just recently got back from seeing our granddaughter, and as you can imagine, she is just perfect. I guess all grandmothers believe that, well count me in.

It's a big weekend here in Florida, with the Super Bowl game being played here. The Cardinals and the Steelers. Most off our friends down here are from Penn and are big Steeler fans. Seeing that the Pats didn't make the play offs, I will side with the Steelers, and wave my terrible towel.

Along with the football fans, Tampa Bay is filling up with Hollywood celebrates, many which are hosting super bowl parties. No I wasn't invited to any, I fear that they didn't know that we were back in town. Perhaps the next time we leave town on an important weekend coming up, we should put a small ad in the papers. I hate to miss a good party

When home, we have continued to enjoy our Wii game. Bowling has become our favorite. A couple of days ago we bought a Wii Balance board. This fit program will take you through a set of exercise games working balance,and yoga poses.The program keeps track of your progress and offers more difficult challenges as you master the old ones. The program also will calculate your fitness age.

Last night, we and 78 of our closest friends went to the Show Palace Dinner Theatre went to see "The Producers." It is located in Hudson, FL., about one hour from us. This is a Mel Brooks musical. The men in particular seem to like Mel Brooks shows.

Dinner Theatre, Dinner Theater, The Show Palace Dinner Theatre We all enjoyed the show and the food hand both rand's and raves. All in all we had a good time, but stayed up long after our bedtime. LOL

Goodnight for now. I hope you all have a great weekend.


Joan said...

What a difference a couple of weeks make to a baby she is doing well and as you say is just perfect.Glad your back home now safe and sound. Love Joan.

Jan said...

Oh isnt she just Beautiful ,You must be bursting with love for her ,so pleased you are still enjoying your wii bowling ,sounds fun ,but thats what you do best Dawn Jan xx

Just Bill said...

Dawn, not much happening with me. I did attend two of my grandchildren's birthday party yesterday. They had 1o kids there from 8 years doen to 6 months. What a noisy time that was.
Aren't grandchildren great. I love them all. Enjoy the baby.