Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday we went on a day trip to Lake Alfred here in Florida to find a antique shop that we have heard from others that was very nice. It was so much better than nice, it was wonderful. The Antique Barn was full of beautiful displayed quality antiques. It seems that the family takes frequent trips abroad every year to find these treasures. This is just one large building.

The next building on the property is The Stable.. Here we found every nook and cranny filled with a array of designer wreaths, flower arrangements, swags and baskets. We were overwhelmed by the wide range of items both quaint and sophisticated, including brass, prints, lamps, potpourri and many other accessories for ones home.

Next we visited The Back Porch Tearoom. This too, is a rather unusual lunch stop. We hungry shoppers made our selection from the menu and then found us a table handpainted with wild flowers. I meant to take a picture of the table but forgot when they delivered our lunch in a wooden picnic basket! If you have children in your party, you may select to have a "Teddy Bear Picnic", whatever that may be.

They also have a smaller building with hundreds of English stained glass windows, and last but not least they have a Back Yard Garden Shop, selling garden and lawn accessories.
It was such a lovely ending for our visit there. Have a good weekend.


Joan said...

Glad to hear frm you Dawn, that's a great place for a day out and lunch it would be good for here as our weather is so cold a day out inside just perfect. Love Joan

Jan said...

What completely lovely furniture ,of course you realise we all have stuff like that here in the UK ....not ! lol ,what a lovely day out Jan xx