Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Trip to Indianapolis

My friend Mary and I just got back from Indiana, where we attended a baby shower for my first ever, soon to be a grandchild. How exciting this is. The expected date is January 7th. It is just sinking in now that after being married over 50 years, we will become grandparents.

The weather here in Florida is chilly, running in the 60's.till the weekend. When we left Florida last week to go to Indiana, it was a warm 86, more to my liking. When we left Indy, we were surrounded by snow flurries, but at least they didn't have to deice the plane. While there we noticed that gas was only $1.72, seems to be getting better, hope it keeps going down all the way to Florida.

I gave up looking for a old curved oak curio cabinet and bought another style. I really needed to find a home for my collection and get them off the floor.

Stay warm everyone and have a great weekend.


Joan said...

Congratulations on becoming Grandparents. Its great we only have the one Ellen she is now 7 and a half and quite a handful. Sure you will enjoy yourseelf with the baby. Love Joan.

Jan said...

Dawn how exciting for you to become Grandparents I have nine Grandchildren ,they are each different in their own way but oh so special ,you will love it Jan xx