Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This and That

I still haven't had time to figure out how to bring my archives from AOL to this blog yet. I did bring them over to Blogger, but it went to another blog.

It is still very warm here in Florida. It is beginning to cool down at night but not enough to shut off the air conditioner. We have just purchased a golf cart to cruise around the park in. It is the color of the old MG green. Last night I had a few people in and our driveway was full of golf carts.

Everyday now people will be coming in for the winter. This pattern will continue until January. Friends of ours from Georgia will be coming in January and March and will be parked right on our street, in the only RV site on our street. So happy that they reserved early.

We are getting settled inside the park model. The next thing we need to find is some type of curio cabinet
to put my doll collection in. They are still in boxes lined up in the Florida room.

Tonight a bunch of us are going to a new Cici Pizza that open this past weekend and Friday night 19 of us are going to a 50 anniversary dinner in a local restaurant. Yea, tomorrow night we can stay home ! Gray's Anatomy is on. Till later, stay well. Dawn


Dawn said...

Hello there! Just change the name on that blog to archives and link to it in your sidebar and you are all set! Ta-da!

I love Grey's Anatomy!

be well...

Donna said...

I watch Grey's too. My sister goes to Mission Texas each winter, and loves it. Enjoy your warm winter in Florida!

Solitary Dancer said...

Yep, mine are in another blog as well. I just have that blog to save my archives. That's really just for me.

Glad you are posting and you'll eventually get it all figured out. :-)


Kathy said...

Oh, I think I'm ready for the nomad days ... it's so darn chilly here nights now. LOL Even the trees are dropping their leaves now.